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The Longings of Paul Roalsvig

After our year of Covid-19 (and as it continues) Yod Crewsy aka Paul Roalsvig spent his months of lockdown in the basement recording studio at his home in Long Lake, NY pulling together a compilation of his favorites and unrecorded tracks that he wanted to include in his most recent…

Brit Pop Favs Coming Soon

Yod Crewsy and his team of musical wizards at Good Charamel Records aka GCR with recording engineer Justin Rose gathered in Buffalo, NY to mix-down the latest project for the continuing Yod Crewsy and the Dark Marbles musical project. This is part-two of a three part series of projects and…

Did someone say mix-down?

The Dark Marbles headed to Buffalo, NY - you know, the home of the Splat Cats and the Jacklords and the Mohawk Place. They bunked down at a super funkadelic bed and breakfast with a charming host (more to report on that later) and they set to work to mixing…