The Dark Marbles have taken the greatest stuff from the nuggets of melodic and upbeat garage/mod/power-pop rock and roll and made it their home turf. Powered by singer and guitarist Yod Crewsy (formerly of the mid-80s garage greats SplatCats and the JackLords), the Dark Marbles would love nothing better than to throw their crowds into a frenzied mass of dancing hysteria! It’s the primitive sound of a couple of guitars, one melodic and clean, one loud and snotty, over a basic thumping back beat! So crude and yet so effective!

The Dark Marbles is/are Yod Crewsy’s rock and roll project – he’s the singer, songwriter, Rickenbacker 330 and Vox Phantom playin’ rhythm guitarist

The Dark Marbles home site – Primitive Rock and Roll!

This is the official site of “The Dark Marbles”, a garage-rock and roll band, where you can get information on listening, dowloading, or purchasing Yod Crewsy & the Dark Marbles songs, find out about upcoming gigs, look up information on the band members, and find links to the other pages on the web site (“Photo Gallery” and “Story of the Dark Marbles”.)

The band has more than 21 studio-recorded songs available for listening, downloading or purchasing on-line! Just go to iTunes or the site: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/yodcrewsyandthedarkmarbl – or: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/darkmarbles and check them out!

Some of these songs have received regular airplay on DJ Bill Kelly’s fabulous Sunday radio show (3 to 5 PM) “Teenage Wasteland” (thank you Bill!!!!) on WFMU 91.1 (go to
www.wfmu.org for their playlists!)