About Yod Crewsy and The Dark Marbles

The Dark Marbles have taken the greatest stuff from the nuggets of melodic and upbeat garage/mod/power-pop rock and roll and made it their home turf. Powered by singer and guitarist Yod Crewsy (formerly of the mid-80s garage greats SplatCats and the JackLords), the Dark Marbles would love nothing better than to throw their crowds into a frenzied mass of dancing hysteria! It’s the primitive sound of a couple of guitars, one melodic and clean, one loud and snotty, over a basic thumping back beat! So crude and yet so effective!

The Dark Marbles is/are Yod Crewsy’s rock and roll project – he’s the singer, songwriter, Rickenbacker 330 and Vox Phantom playin’ rhythm guitarist